we boast a team of experienced professional Expert Private Investigators

Who is A.L.I. Agency Expert Investigators? We are a fully licensed and insured, full-service investigations firm servicing all of Alabama, Mississippi and surrounding areas. Conducting private investigation services in Mobile and Baldwin counties & surrounding areas is not only what we do, it's what we love. We are expert investigators that specialize in surveillance. Check out the services section of our website to learn more about the investigation services we offer and how we can help meet your Private Investigation needs. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in successful investigations. ALI Agency is a family owned agency that boasts a team of private investigators with the highest skill level in the Industry. We offer our investigation services all along the southeast, but our corporate home is based in Daphne, AL. Our agency has partnerships with several maritime companies, handling surveillance for workman’s comp and long-shore harbor insurance claims. A.L.I. Agency also contracts with many large law firms to handle both criminal defense cases, family law matters, wrongful conviction, backgrounds and all aspects of process service for their firms. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help provide case evidence for trial- contact us today.